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Getting Started

customdnnskins.gifGet your custom web design template converted in to a DNN skin by expert skinners. Now you can avail the expertise of DnnArt.net to get your dotnetnuke graphics skinned. Our expert skinners follow strict DNN standards for creating skin and containers and will provide you with easily editable HTML and CSS, you will also be provided the properly sliced Photoshop .psd file of your design which you can use to create multiple colors of the skin. We will setup the skin on a demo url you can view it and request any changes.

How does this works?

  • You simply have to email us with your template design Photoshop .psd file in zip format at info@dnnart.net .
  • You can also simply open a support Ticket on snowcovered.com and attach your zip file and comments there. Conversion can typically take up to four working days only.

What will you get?

  • Skin (HTML + CSS)
  • Containers (HTML + CSS)
  • Properly sliced .psd file
  • Skin setup on your live DNN server

Feel free to email if you have any questions.

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